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CSA Info SheetJanuary 13th, 2016

  Season's Bounty Farm & CSA A Summer's Supply of Fresh Vegetables Spring will be here soon, so here is the info sheet with all the details for the upcoming 2016 vegetable subscription s

About the FlockJanuary 13th, 2016

photo by EMU   I grew up on a farm in Wisconsin and we always had sheep.  Raising livestock takes more land than raising produce and it wasn't until 2011 that I found some excellent pa

What We GrowJanuary 13th, 2016

  This is a list of the crops we are planning to grow in 2016 Tomatoes Peppers Kale Watermelons Green Beans Lettuce Swiss Chard Potatoes Garlic Radishes Spinach Pumpkins Sugar Snap Peas Winter Sq

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