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  Season’s Bounty Farm & CSA

A Summer’s Supply of Fresh Vegetables  

Spring will be here soon, so here is the info sheet with all the details for the upcoming 2017 vegetable subscription season.  You can sign up and make payments anytime on our website at  We want to say a big thank you to all the returning customers and especially those that have been with us since the very first year of our CSA eleven years ago.   Here are some of the top reasons we hear people like our weekly crates of vegetables:

  • Fresher vegetables than you can buy anywhere else.
  • Lots of color and flavor without the work of growing it yourself.
  • We don’t use any pesticides, not even ones that are allowed on organic farms.
  • Vegetables grown locally rather than shipped across the country or internationally.
  • Almost no packaging to discard.  Homemade wooden crates are used and returned.
  • It is much easier to eat healthier all season long.
  • Built in flexibility with our weekly swap baskets and market gift certificates for each week you skip.   

A subscription consists of 18 weekly crates of vegetables from the beginning of June through the end of September.  There are 3 easy steps to reserving a subscription.  (They can all be done on our website now.)   

1.        Pick your size:        

A full share costs $475 and typically serves 3-4 people. ($26.39/week)   

A half share costs $295 and typically serves 2 people.  ($16.39/week)  

2.        Choose your pick-up location:

Wood’s Edge Farm Stand from 4-6pm Mondays at the corner of Hwy 42 and    Cromer Rd, 2 miles north of H’burg. Friendly City Food Coop from 4-8:30pm Wednesdays in downtown Harrisonburg, right next to the post office.  

3.        Submit payments:

Submit your full payment when you sign up, or pay $100 when you sign up to reserve your subscription, and the rest due by April 1st.   


If you need to be gone or want to skip a week or two or more, just let us know on our website (“vacation holds” tab under the “CSA Subscriptions” menu) by the end of the day of the prior Saturday.  We will give you a credit to use at our stand at the Harrisonburg Farmers Market that will be good through December 31, 2017. ($13 for ½ subscriptions and $22 for full).  We keep a list of the credits with us at market, so simply stop by the market any Saturday morning, and let us know you want to put the credit to use.   The credit can be used on anything we sell at market including meat.

To increase flexibility, we have weekly swap/donation baskets at both pickup locations.  When you swing by to pick up your subscription, you are welcome to swap an item from your crate for something of similar value from the swap/donation basket.  And if there is an item you simply don’t want, you are welcome to donate it to the basket.  These items as well as any subscriptions not picked up, will be donated to a food charity like the OCP Soup Kitchen or Mercy House.   

As always, the weekly crates of vegetables will be made up of whatever is currently in season.  The amount will likely be smaller for a couple weeks at the beginning and end of the season.  At the start of the season there is usually an abundance of fresh greens, until the main crops come into production with the heat of summer.  At the end of the season there are usually lots of vegetables that can be set aside for winter such as butternut squash, potatoes, onions, sweet potatoes, and garlic.        

We plant about 60 total varieties of approximately 25 types of produce.  Of course depending on the weather, some years we harvest more of certain varieties than others. We occasionally include an item from another farm such as strawberries from Wood’s Edge Farm, grapes from Wenger Grapes, or sweet corn from Dry River Produce.  Please note that while we don’t use any pesticides on any of the produce we grow, the items from other farms as I just mentioned, don’t carry the same pesticide-free promise.      

Since we are cutting back a little on the total number of subscriptions this year, don’t wait too long to sign up.   You are always welcome to stop by the farm to see how your vegetables are growing, or to get your hands in the dirt.  Let us know if you have any questions.  We look forward to sharing the season’s bounty!  



Season’s Bounty Farm & CSA

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2373 Harpine Hwy Apt A   

Harrisonburg, VA 22802 

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